Why should we design your curvy bridal gown/dress?

  • Our custom bridal gowns/dresses take less time than ordering from a busy bridal shop. Most bridal gowns can be made from start to finish in as little as 3 months, and bridal dresses take even less time! But it's never a bad idea to allow 4-6 months, just in case.
  • Our custom bridal gowns/dresses include all alterations! You don't have to budget hundreds of extra dollars for alterations - our bridal gowns/dresses are made to custom fit your curves, and we take the time to ensure a perfect fit. The process isn't over for us until you are happy.
  • Our custom bridal gowns/dresses are priced for every budget. We believe that having your bridal gown/dress custom-made should not break your wedding budget. We may not always be the cheapest, but we promise we will give you a couture experience. Because our pricing is budget-friendly, you control the entire design process. Tell us what you'd like to spend and we will only suggest options that you can afford.
  • We also only require 50% deposit upfront to start the process and we offer flexible payment options including Square, Shopify, Credit and Debit Card.
  • Our custom bridal gowns/dresses are easy to order.  Whether you know exactly what you want, or you want our professional design advice, we will work with you to make sure you get the dress you want.
  • We offer in-home consultation if you reside within a three (3) hour drive from our bridal studio. We usually only require two (2) fittings that are extremely flexible to schedule. If you're outside our area, we have an easy online design process.
  • When you are ready, email us at with your contact information, bridal gown/dress budget, wedding date, design ideas and location.
  • We will contact you to determine your budget and design needs. As custom bridal designers, we will sketch your dream gown/dress. After you say "Yes To The Dress, we will select fabrics for your review.
  • We will mail bridal fabric samples and a body measurement sheet to you. Please visit a local seamstress who can take your measurements.
  • Once fabrics are selected and we receive your completed measurement sheet, we will discuss pricing and finalize the 50% initial deposit. We will then begin constructing a muslin sample of the gown/dress. 
  • We will contact you to schedule your first fitting if you reside with our area. If not, we will mail a muslin sample to you to be fitted by a local seamstress. 
  • Upon confirming we have the right fit, we will begin constructing your dream gown/dress.
  • We then schedule your final fitting if you are within our area. If not, we will mail the completed gown/dress to you.
  • Our custom bridal gowns/dresses can be designed in many couture options! Whether you're looking to combine parts of many gowns/dresses you like, or you want a gown/dress in a size or color that isn't produced, the options are endless. 
  • Our custom bridal gowns/dresses start with $50 DESIGN CONSULTATION. 
  • Whether in-person if you reside within our area, or communicate via e-mail and phone if you're out of the area, your design consultation cost will become part of the cost of your gown/dress after your initial deposit is made.
  • We can also help you coordinate your whole wedding look. We can design headpieces, bridal shower outfit, reception dress, and other accessories to coordinate with your gown.


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